Controversial right-wing politician Fraser Anning booted from Senate

As the dust from the 2019 election begins to settle, it seems controversial Queensland senator Fraser Anning has lost his Senate seat.

Known across the world for being the victim of an egging by teenager Will Connolly, the right-wing politician has failed to secure enough votes to win himself a place in parliament.

Fraser Anning has lost his seat in parliament in Saturday's election.

Fraser Anning has lost his seat in parliament in Saturday’s election. Credit:AAP

ABC Election expert Antony Green made the announcement stating: «Fraser Anning goes back to where he came from… he won’t be in the Parliament».

Mr Anning’s spot in the upper house has always been tentative, securing his seat last election with just 19 primary votes. He gained office only after One Nation candidate Malcolm Roberts was found to carry dual citizenship and was therefore ineligible.




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