Sydney Morning Herald beats News Corp rivals with 7.5m readership

EMMA data is commissioned by industry group NewsMediaWorks whose members include Seven West Media, News Corp and Nine (owner of this masthead). The data set was changed in October to ensure digital audiences were better captured, meaning the readership figures are unable to be compared year-on-year, though most publications had a weaker February compared to January.

The most popular form of news was digital, with 15.7 million people consuming media online. Newspapers were read by 11.8 million Australians. Regional and community news titles were read by 5.5 million people compared with 9.6 million for metropolitan news media. Some Australians read both print and digital, and some people consumed both country and metropolitan titles.

NewsMediaWorks chief executive Peter Miller said in a statement the readership of news media was «robust».

«News media is the nation’s most trusted media channel for both content and advertising, and advertisers, too, are seeking trusted environments for their brands and services,» Mr Miller said.




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